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August & September Sculptures

Sorry, I haven't kept this blog up to date. I finished assembly of Avian Intrusion and then got Open Infinity carved and sanded, polished and waxed. The pictures of Open Infinity are with a temporary base as I've had issues finding a marble base supplier where the bases are not pre-drilled. Finally found a supplier in Georgia but with miscommunication the bases were delayed in shipping.

I hope to have both of these and possibly October's as yet unnamed sculpture on display in November. That sculpture is in its final sanding phase while my mind is occupied with the conception of November's work. Its got a name - Continuous Shape.

I was watching YouTube ( video of a woman stone sculptor carving a bust and she used that term.

Unlike hers, my work will be an abstract but the term reminded me of a concept I had years ago but was not yet ready to attempt. I think I am now. I'll try to keep the process up to date.

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